The Final Countdown… Er, Week…

This past week has been absolutely nuts! I won’t go too in depth about the minutia of my last week of the program, since it was mostly sitting around and writing papers, but I did get to see Richard III at the Globe! I know, I know, you’d think that the thrill of going to the Globe would start being numbed after two performances there, but I still loved it! The actor who played Richard III was absolutely impeccable in his role, and the fact the production was all male gave it that extra authenticity I love to see in performances of Shakespeare.

Besides that, the past few days have been really relaxed. Other than Richard III, my two classes didn’t have any field trips, which was all the better for me since I had to write two 2000-word essays for them. As per usual, I went to a pub or two for some sticky toffee pudding, which is definitely one of the things I’ll miss most from living in London. Well, that and the sausage rolls!

It was quite hard to say goodbye to all the people I’d met, and even though the excitement of the Olympics made things more interesting, my last day was still pretty sad. I did get to see the first sequence of the opening ceremonies on TV, but really, the Olympics just blocked off a lot of the good parts of London while I was there. You could still gain access to the parks, for instance, but all the good bits were blocked off! I actually had to wake up at 4 in the morning to make it to my 8:50 train, despite the trip only (normally) taking about an hour and a half. Hey, I guess that’s what I get for studying abroad in the host city of the Olympics.

I’ll leave the concluding summary about my experience in London for the next blog post, since I’m kind of exhausted from traveling. Until then, sayonara!