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Archive for November 28th, 2011

Diego Rivera- A Man with a Message He Wasn’t Paid to Send

Posted by Anna Kozlova on 28th November 2011

Looking at the images by Diego Rivera in MoMA made it obvious why he was hired to paint a mural in Rockefeller Center. His paintings teem with life and feeling, and the humanity that shines through them. Even more haunting works, such as “Frozen Assets” portray human emotion in a single image. As the wealthy […]

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Don Giovanni- What Not to do if You Don’t Enjoy Fire and Brimstone

Posted by Anna Kozlova on 28th November 2011

I was not sure what to expect walking into the Met to see “Don Giovanni.” Reading the libretto gave a good sense of the plot of the story, although I did not know what direction the show would go in. After all, the example shown to us in school involved a Don Giovanni injecting himself […]

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