Rotten Radio Guestlist


Executive Producer, Athena Kurry

Rotten Guests


Dr. Brad Blanton:  political activist and author of “Radical Honesty”

Zack Exley: webmaster of


Kenneth Bucchi: Criminologist, former CIA agent and author of “Inside Job” and “CIA: Cocaine In America”


Charles Lewis: Center for Public Integrity and author of “Buying of the President 2000”

George Getz: Spokesperson for the Libertarian Party.


Dan Moldea: Private Investigator, author of seven books and contributor to The Flint Report


Nick Gillespie: Editor of Reason Magazine and online columnist


Robert Sterling: Editor of e-zine for conspiracy theorists,

Wayne Kramer:  musician, former member of MC5

Noble Obani-Nwibari: an Ogoni activist who received political asylum from Nigeria because of his struggle with Shell Oil.


Virginia Postrel:  author of “The Future and It’s Enemies” and a New York Times columnist

Steve Kretzman: Amazon Watch re: Oxy oil drilling on sacred U’wa land


David McKie: offers free netcasting to all

Tim Cavanaugh: Editer of, daily political satire

Arianna Huffington: author of  “How to Overthrow the Government”


Malcolm Hathorn: host of cable program “UFOs and Metaphysics,” author of “UFOs and Government Coverup.”

Larry Makason: Director of The Center for Responsive Politics, an impartial Watchdog group that maintains a databse tracking money in politics known as (focus on oil money in the republican party).

Roberto Perez (and interpreter):  U’wa tribal leader from Columbia who threatened mass suicide if Gore’s Occidental Oil drills in the Amazonian Cloudforest.


Greil Marcus: literati of music and pop culture

Danny Kennedy: Director of Project Underground (  A non-profit organization that supports communities threatened by the mineral industries.  Their organization is also supporting the Mobilization for Global Justice in Washington DC, April 16-17th.  He currently conducts workshops on grassroots activism.

Sean Gifford: P.E.T.A. spokesperson and a good sport

Emmett Plant: Writer for : News for Nerds, authored many articles on technology including an article on, a british web site that was taken down by their ISP,Netbenefit, for fear of a libel suit.


Ian Angell: Professor of Information Systems at the London School of Economics and author of “The New Barbarian Manifesto: How to Survive the Information Age”

Robin Gross: Attorney specializing in Intellectual Property and Fair Use at the Electronic Frontier Foundation (

Mobilization for Global Justice: Patrick gave a with street report from the World Bank demonstration in DC.


Malcolm Huffy: Finance Director of the Campaign Against Censorship of the Internet in Britain

John & Wayne Kramer (MC5) discuss drug policy with Allan Clear, Founder of the Harm Reduction Coalition

Cynthia Kuhn:  Professor of pharmacology and Director of the Pharmacological Sciences Training Program at Duke University Medical Center, contributing author of “Buzzed”.

Carrie McLaren: participated in DC demo and authors “Stay Free” magazine, a critical analysis of advertising


Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders

David Peel of the lower east side


Jonar Nader: author “How to Lose Friends and Infuriate People”

Paddy Moloney of the Chieftains


Malcolm Gladwell: staff writer for New Yorker magazine and author of “The Tipping Point.”

Joyce Rivera: started the first underground needle exchange in the US

Bob Helms: Writes lab rat news in his magazine, Guinea Pig Zero.


Indra Sinha: author of “The Cybergypsies: A True Tale of Lust, War, & Betrayal on the Electronic Frontier”

Jesus Slut Fucker (a.k.a. Geno):  Served time for hacking an FBI computer to upload a virus that made their clock run backwards.

Sathyu Sarangi:  The Managing Trustee of the Bhopal People’s Health and Documentation Clinic in Bhopal, India

Sister Camille Leon: President of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence: organizers of the first fundraiser for people with AIDS.


Sonny Barger: former leader of the outlaw motorcycle club and author of”Hells Angel”

Dan Perkins, pen name Tom Tomorrow: political satirist and creator of This Modern World.  The award-winning cartoon appears in over 120 papers across the U.S.

Chris Baily of the GreenNet, Internet rights Campaign, member of the only global computer network specifically designed for environment, peace, human rights and development groups,

The Association for Progressive Communications is a global internet community for environment, human rights, development and peace


Lemmy of Motorhead

Reverend Billy: Minister of The Church of Stop Shopping

Bob McCoy: Proprietor and Curator of The Museum of Questionable Medical Devices

Sarah Andrews: Policy Analyst at the Electronic Privacy Information Center


Penelope Spheeris: Director of 16 films including Wayne’s World, Senseless and Decline of Western Civilization I, II, & III.

David Hollist: lost bid for the presidential nomination of the Libertarian Party

David Peel with his cover of “Anarchy in the USA” from a live show in Tompkins Square Park


Farai Chidaya: political analyst and author of  “The Color of Our Future.”

John Clifton: Libertarian candidate for New York State Senator


Ann Monroe: author of “The Word: Imagining the Gospel in Modern America”, former reporter for the Wall Street Journal, Mother Jones, and Sojourners

David Post: Associate Professor of Law at Temple University Law School where he teaches intellectual property law. He is also the Co-Founder and Co-Director of the Cyberspace Law Institute, and Editor of ICANNwatch.


Susie Bright: Sexpert author including “The Sexual State of the Union”

Lester O’Shea: author of “A Cure Worse Than the Disease”

Barry Zalma: Certified Fraud Examiner and has been a Special-Agent-In-Charge of the U.S. Army Intelligence Corps (USAIC).


Ben Fong-Torres: music writer and author of “Not Fade Away: A Backstage Pass to 20 Years of Rock & Roll”.

Activists Scott Beibin, Laurie Apple and Andrew Kennis discuss issues, events, and their treatment in Philadelphia during the GOP Convention.

Col. Ronald D. Ray: a highly decorated combat veteran and author who supports public posting of the 10 commandments.

Mike Gray: Chairman of Common Sense for Drug Policy ( and author of “Drug Crazy”