BioBlitz Essays

    Bioblitz 2015   It seems one of the reasons NYC never sleeps may be “Macaulay seminars”. On the Sunday of Bioblitz, I entered the kitchen at 4 AM to find my mother and my sister had both set their alarms. They were now arguing over who would get […]

Bioblitz 2015

Saim Siddiqui It was a beautiful Sunday morning. The wind blew past my face, a refreshing burst of wind, as I stood at the helm of the ferry. The smell of the water was revitalizing, and the sounds of the waves hitting the sides of the boat were oddly calming. […]

BioBlitz Reflection

Noor Fatima                                                                                        Seminar 3 BioBlitz Essay I was in shift D for BioBlitz at Freshkills Park on Staten Island, which was on Sunday, August 30th. For shift D, we had to arrive at Staten Island at 6:00 am as there would be a shuttle bus to take all the Macaulay […]

BioBlitz Essay

Cristopher Garcia Professor Alexandratos MHC 200 When I initially received an email from my advisor Joanna, urging me to sign up for BioBlitz timeslot I did not think too much about it and saw it simply as another mandatory event that I would have to attend. The event slipped my […]

BioBlitz: Rise of the Lichens

Bioblitz Reflection             Earlier this month, my classmates and I went on a bit of an adventure to Staten Island; well, it was adventure for everyone else. For me I was just visiting home, being as I live in Staten Island. I have never visited Fresh Kills Park though, so […]

BioBlitz Reflection

Heading to Bioblitz I didn’t really know what to expect. The day started off quite stressfully because the group of people who I was planning going with decided to leave very late and so we ended up sprinting from the subway onto the Staten Island ferry but it all worked […]

Lichen BioBlitz Reflection

Razan Asombrado Professor Alexandratos MHC 200 BioBlitz at Freshkills Fortunately for me, I didn’t really have to go to the Staten Island Ferry at 5 AM like most of the other students who were attending the 7 AM – 11 AM session at Freshkills Park. As a resident of Staten […]


Tiffany Saunders Prof. Alexandratos MHC200 BioBlitz Essay I’ve only had one unfortunate encounter with a tick in my lifetime, and though brief, it helped me to resolve my current outlook on the outdoors: no deep woods. Thus, my reaction upon receiving a cheery message about being transported to Staten Island […]

BioBlitz: By the Bootstraps

While taking a solid portion of my day to travel to Staten Island may not be the most preferable way to spend my Saturday, Bioblitz was nonetheless quite an enjoyable experience. Friends old and new gathered on this expedition and where there are friends, there is fun to be had. […]

BioBlitz 2015

Shannon Thomas MHC 200 BioBlitz Response   When I first got an email about Bioblitz, I thought it would be something along the lines of bird watching. I’m not a very outdoorsy person, to be quite honest, and I really wasn’t looking forward to going to this. I’ve never even […]

Cultivating Interest

Gregory Kurgansky Professor Alexandratos Seminar 3 September 21st, 2015 Bioblitz Essay In 2001, the largest operating landfill in the world was closed, as the last barge dumped its final ton of garbage onto one of the nine sections of Fresh Kills. Surprisingly enough, this humungous dump was located in Staten […]

Bioblitz Essay

Arianna James MHC200–Environmental Science and Technology Professor Alexandratos Bio-Blitz Essay BioBlitz: Alien Plants As our guide struggled to be heard above the ceaseless din of the bus and its chattering students, I was altogether too busy yanking my socks up, and tucking my pants down over them tightly. Our guide […]

BioBlitz: Ticks and Aliens

Anniesa Baldeo Science and Technology in NYC Professor Alexandratos 23 September 2015 Bio Blitz Essay             When I got the email, “Reserve Your Bio Blitz Participation Time Slot Now,” I was excited and intrigued. Immediately, I went onto the Macaulay website reading the FAQs and information about the event. I learned […]

Bio Blitz

Fahmeed Sheehan Professor Alexandratos MHC 200 The Grand Fiasco The plan was, I would go to Fresh Kills at 10 PM, stay there till 1 AM, and bumble around like idiots in the dark, looking for bats. Every now and then we would find some, and someone in our party […]

The Grand Fiasco

Kristen Albanese Prof. Alexandratos MHC 200 September 24, 2015   BioBlitz Essay   I cannot honestly say that I was excited for the BioBlitz at Fresh Kills. As a native of Staten Island, I was probably even less excited than my classmates from elsewhere about traipsing through the former landfill. […]

BioBlitz Reflection

Emily Losi Prof. Alexandratos MHC 200 Sept. 24, 2015   And It Turned Into A BioBlitz!             As we arrived at the entrance to Fresh Kills, my group partners and I were rather skeptical about how successful our operation would be. We were assigned to […]

And It Turned Into A BioBlitz!

Thomas Newman MHC 200 9-23-15 To spend one of my remaining lazy summer evenings caching bugs on Staten Island was not something I necessarily looked forward to. That being said, however, I did enjoy myself, and I gained a greater appreciation for what field biologists do in their line of […]

My Bioblitz Experience and Other Thoughts

Jennifer Shmukler Professor Alexandratos MHC 200 BioBlitz: A Pleasant Surprise             “Mom, I have to go to Staten Island in a few weeks to go to a park for Macaulay.” Her face looked as if I had grown a third head. She asked, “Why can’t you go to Prospect Park […]

BioBlitz: A Pleasant Surprise

Sayema Islam MHC200—Environmental Science & Technology Professor Alexandratos Bio-Blitz Essay Spiders and Fresh Kills “If you think about it, we are literally standing on a pile of shit. That is what this is. A glorified, living shit-pile.” These were the words of one of my fellow peers from our small, […]

Bio Blitz Reflection

Amanda Puitiza                                                  MHC Seminar 3- Freshkills Park Reflection Freshkills Park in Staten Island is a sanitary landfill turned national park. It was an experience to see first-hand an environmentally safe answer to a growing problem in our lives: where do we put our growing amounts of trash? This park was […]

Freshkills Park Reflection