For this unit’s reflection, take the opportunity to design your own “curriculum.”  Like the “museum of me” this is the “college of me.”  You get to decide the perfect sequence of courses, leading to a degree.  Will it be all elective? Any required courses at all? What will they be?  If you’re a media studies major, do you need math or chemistry? If you’re an engineering major, do you need poetry or anthropology?

You can invent courses that don’t exist (and maybe next year we’ll offer them!).  You can change the standard calendar of college (why four years to a degree? Why only two semesters each year? Why should we be off in the summer?).  You can include requirements that aren’t even “courses” in the traditional sense (all students must, by the end of their first year, ride a horse up a mountain and swim in a ocean, lake, and river).

But be sure you include enough to give your students (or you) everything that an education can give.

(If you want, this one can also take a creative form–video or poetry, a chart or a table, whatever seems to make the most sense for your idea).