If I could have truly created my own educational curriculum, I would have received a letter from Hogwarts when I turned eleven. However, I did not. Instead of fighting dark wizards (as I assume that is what I would be doing now), I have been left to figure out a backup plan. With this curriculum, I wanted to give students, who like me, do not necessarily know what they want to do (outside of the realm of fiction, of course!), the opportunity to really decide what they want to spend their time learning. The first couple of semesters (as you will see) revolve around personal reflection and trying to decide what you want to do as well as exploring areas that you might not have thought to explore. In my timeline, I left some information vague intentionally (ex. 5 Advanced Level Courses Required for Your Major) so that anyone would be able to visualize their own major. All of the classes and stipulations I mentioned are required to graduate from my “College of Me”. However, there is still plenty of room for exploring extracurricular and elective courses (they just were not included in my timeline). So, take a look and see how four years of your life would be spent at my “College of Me”!

College of Me Timeline