Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy is a vital part of America’s energy portfolio. Nuclear energy already provides about 20 percent of the country’s electricity, and nuclear plants currently generate nearly 31 percent of the state’s electricity. There are currently a handful of plants in New York State today. They include Indian Point, Ginna, Nine Mile Point to name a few.


Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant


Demand for energy is expected to grow in New York and across the United States. In fact, the state has experienced an average growth in nuclear energy production of 2.5 percent per year over the past five year. This is especially important considering the state’s energy requirements are said to increase by 23 percent by 2035. In order to fulfill the growing energy requirements, a much more broad energy portfolio will need to be embraced.

Nuclear energy is a cost-effective and reliable energy source, producing affordable, on-demand electricity at an 89 percent production rate. Nuclear energy also supports clean air, land, water and wildlife, providing the majority of our nation’s emission-free energy. Nuclear energy has been a backbone of clean energy for decades. With the future of clean energy as vital to our lives now and in the future, it is essential to embark on furthering and promoting this form of clean energy.

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