Not only can we think of Nuclear Energy as promoting clean energy, but we can also say it will go as far as to benefit everyone’s wallet an health. Nuclear energy facilities stimulate the economy is very beneficial ways. They create plenty of well paying jobs in its construction and daily function. Thousands of jobs will awarded during its construction and several hundred in daily maintenance. Today, nuclear energy facilities pay, on average, 35 percent more than the average salary in their surrounding areas. Millions of dollars are pumped into the local economy as a result. By circumventing the release of potentially harmful gases, people stand to benefit from this. According to the World Health Organization, air pollutants were the main component of 1.4% of total mortality. Although this may not seem particularly staggering, it is substantial. This number will only increase if with larger concentration of pollutants put into the air. Nuclear Energy will be energy not just for those who stand to gain economically on its behalf, but all of the planets inhabitants.


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