Wind Energy in NYC

Offshore Wind Turbines

Offshore-Windpark Lillgrund - Serviceschiff auf dem Weg zum Windpark / Lillgrund Offshore Wind Farm - Service ship en route to the wind farm

Wind power has enormous potential. If implemented efficiently and thoroughly, wind energy could potentially provide for over twenty times the current human need for electricity. As technology developes and things get more efficient, this potential could grow.

A common misconception about wind power is that a lot of land is needed in order to put these wind turbines. Since the New York City are doesn’t have any spare land, it seems impossible to implement wind power technologies into our system. However, offshore wind turbines are actually able to produce more energy than they would if they were on land. This is because winds are more powerful over the ocean than they are on land. Also, there are no obstacles, such as buildings or trees, that would block more wind from reaching the turbines.

Unfortunately, offshore wind turbines are relatively more expensive then they are on land. However, the pay for themselves relatively quickly. They might require a large investment up front, but their everyday operational costs are low and cost effective. Also, the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages. Offshore turbines do not visually pollute the air as they would on land and also do not disturb underwater life as they would when they are built on land. Also, the noise from the turbines would not be heard as well since they would be so far from the listening ears of humans on land. Also, they are very space/energy efficient. The largest of the turbines can power 600 American homes.

There are two types of offshore wind turbines:



As shown in the illustration above, floating wind turbines are mounted on three different types of floating structures so that they can generate electricity in deeper waters where they are not able to mount them to the ocean floor. One benefit from this is that they reduce visual and noise pollution the farther out in the ocean they are located. Out of sight, out of mind.


Bottom-Mounted Towers


As seen in the diagram above, bottom mounted towers can be physically mounted to the ground so that they stay in one place and are immobile against the influence of waves and weather. These such turbines can be implemented as space allows for because most islands and off shore sites are home to docks and boat activity.


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