Wind Power

Wind Power

Wind power is actually a form of solar power since because wind is caused by heat from the sun. Due to the way different surfaces retain, reflect and release heat at different rates, the air above the Earth’s surface warms and cools at different rates. Hot air rises which reduces the atmospheric pressure near the Earth’s surface and then draws in cooler air to replace it. Thus, wind is formed.

Whenever wind blows, it created kinetic energy. Using wind turbines, we can capture and convert this energy into other forms such as electricity or mechanical power. This is what defines wind power.Today, we have utility-connected wind turbines and multi-turbine wind farms which use wind power to generate clean, renewable energy to power homes and businesses.

Since wind power is a natural and inexhaustible source of power, we should consider it an important component to any long term energy conservation plan. Unlike the use of fossil fuels, wind power is clean and doesn’t cause any kind of pollution. It’s even an important advantage to other alternate energy sources that cause pollution such as nuclear power.

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