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A few weeks ago, poet Aja Monet made some profound statements on Twitter criticizing America and it had such an effect on me that I wanted to post it.:

I think Obama’s intentions are at the right place. However, he is now part of a system, that will utilize him in any way necessary…I don’t think he was prepared for the secrets this country keeps in the corners where only wicked truth resides. Don’t call it conspiracy theory just cause you’re afraid of the world you live in. Somethings are just real. So long as we still worrying about poppin’ bottles and living substance-free lives, you’re good. Enjoy your meaningless lives…People have paid for your ignorance and you think it’s cute. Wake the f*** up. its not cute. You aint cute. There are systems in place so that you don’t ever demand more for yourself, for your lives, for your children. Its bigger than race, than morale. These people have no remorse for the evils they inflict upon people…You could have a heart of gold, but you are trying to be a leader of ruthless killers…what did you think was gonna happen…We are living in world where its kill or be killed. It’s drink starbucks or be the n**** workin slave shifts to make your cup of coffee bean. “You can’t be the revolutionary and the emperor and the same time.” Welcome to our system of “democracy.”

Do you really think we want to see other countries living democratically in their own countries…That would mean half the world would be terrorists against our existence. People dont love us, they fear us. There’s a difference. My role is to remind us of our humanity, of our internal spiritual capacity to overcome the shackles of unknown oppression…My role is to learn, to teach myself through trial and error, to live a life abundant and accountable. My role is to face the horrors of my complacency, of my failures. To be better than I was yesterday…My role is to tell you like it is. Even when I dont wanna hear it. My role is to be an example of human complexity. To reveal that one way of living does not negate the other, rather we are complex creatures, we are multifaceted in our abilities…The greatest weapon they can take from you is your mind, is to take your language, your voice…I’ll be damned if your complacency takes mine…Consider any great leader that does not support the agenda of american colonization and you will understand the depth of this system. America’s greed does not just end at oil, it never even began there…it was always about land and power…power manifest itself in material goods but also in the infliction of fear…If a people can sustain itself, can find pride & courage, can learn self love and spiritual importance. Why then thats a formula for freedom…It’s hard to believe a country that calls any move to improve the lives of it’s own citizens “socialism”, is not getting anything in return…Ask necessary questions of your leadership. Make the connections for yourself. It’s not that hard to see.

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