“Through the Looking Glass”

“Through the Looking Glass*”

Danielle Itshaik, Rebecca Kreiser, Madelyn Meagher, Lauren Shayo

        The concept behind “Through the Looking Glass” was about capturing a collection of views that the average student would see when walking by the windows found all around the BC campus buildings. Each picture was taken from a different building so that the collection could account for the experiences of all students. The pictures are not only about the views that they showcase, but also about the windows themselves. The locations and types of windows both play a role in how the view is taken in by people and the camera’s lens.

        Some of the buildings have more windows and are therefore, much brighter and airier. The library, West Quad building, and Boylan Hall all have a lot of easily accessible windows. Ingersoll Hall and James Hall also have a fair amount; however, Roosevelt Hall offers a much more limited viewing experience. After searching for a while we were forced to take a shot of the one window we could find. Although this lone window may provide a sad view for the students in question, it allowed us to realize just how varied the views around campus are. It also emphasized just how unique the experience of each student in Brooklyn College can be.

*Name taken from the Lewis Carroll novel        


Boylan Hall, Third Floor Stairway
Library, Fourth Floor Hallway      
Ingersoll Hall, Third Floor Bathroom
Roosevelt Hall, Fourth Floor Hallway
West Quad, First Floor
James Hall, Second Floor

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