Art House America Blog

The Art House America blog is a visual representation of the content in the Art Houses located in the US. The blog was started in July 2010 based off the Art House America building founded in 1991.  The blog discusses many aspects of the arts and has a sidebar that allows visitors to click on which topic they would like to read about. The blog discusses music, books, visual arts, stage and screen, and crafts. The main contributors to this blog are Charlie Peacock, Andi Ashworth, and Jenni Simmons.

This great blog has many graphics, such as a banner and pictures that, when clicked, lead to specifically tagged posts. Each post usually has 3 or more photographs. There are photographs and paintings regardless of the post and category. Ads are not present, but there is a button to donate to the organization. The blog has 50 pages of content and 4 posts per page. The blog does not provide the date that each post was written, but the comments show that there is one post a week. The blog also has a Twitter feed that offers links for posts from the past. It would have been helpful if the blog gave post dates, a calendar for upcoming shows, and links to sound files in the music category.

The blog’s writers always write in first person and readers are able to hear the writer’s voice in each post. The posts usually have a personal connection or story to go along with the discussion and oftentimes reference religion and worship. They connect theology and philosophy to the arts because they are both appreciating beauty. Sometimes, the purpose of the posts that mention religion is not to change the reader’s viewpoint on the connection between art and religion, but to helps the author with the setting, such as mentioning sitting in a pew. Two writers of the blog went to seminary school.

The style of writing is informal, but each post is very well thought out, long, and edited. Many authors reference other movies, books, and quotes in their posts. Reading through the posts makes visitors feel as if they are talking to an old friend who has to give many updates. The website is not meant for learning new information but instead gives readers something to think about. For example, one post in Stage and Screen discussed the director’s decision to portray the station officer in the movie Hugo the way he did and caused the reader to think further into the director’s decisions.

In 2010, the posts would receive about 12 comments, but starting from 2011 onwards, there are only two comments. In 2010, many of the posts were directed to the readers so that readers would think about their position on the topic. But from 2011 onwards, many of the posts seem to be a way for the writers to have an online diary about everything connected to the arts. Many comments describe how the post enlightened the readers—they were introduced to a new way of thinking about something, such as with the director’s decisions in Hugo. The comments are in agreement with what the writer posted. There is a lot of variety because each author writes about his/her own experiences with art. There are many categories in this blog and even within categories such as visual art, the topics discussed can range from thoughts about aloneness in art to an interview. The writers write about their interests and this spot is unique because it connects art with daily life.