Missed Connections

Missed Connections

Where can you see thousands of people of different backgrounds, lifestyles, languages, ages, sizes, and shapes, but with one thing in common of living in the same moment? The subway. There is every sort of person imaginable and unimaginable on the trains. All these people are connected, without even knowing it.

Missed Connections by artist Sophie Blackall is a commissioned poster by the MTA that I have spotted on many NYC trains during my commutes around the city since 2012. It is an unexpected piece of art and beauty on the subway. Every time I see this, I am captured right in. The art shows an exact description, with every detail perfected, of the New York City underground.

The characters in the poster all seem so unique but familiar at the same time based on all the people I see on the train every day. Each character has a story to share. I fantasize about their stories all the time.

When I get closer to the poster, I notice even more details. I love finding new details every time I see it. I especially love the repeating poster image within the poster. And every time, I wonder how many posters within posters there may actually be.

I may be tired from a long day, but the poster refreshes me instantaneously and puts a smile on my face. One thing I love about the artwork is the artist’s use of color. It is so vibrant. I especially like her use of the color yellow throughout the piece. The hints of yellow pop out and make the creation even livelier.

The best part about the poster is the setting in which it is located. Any commuter can relate to at least one person on that poster. The artist obviously loves the subway and has a great time observing the subtle interactions, secrets, generosity, quirkiness, and the charm of what New York City has to offer underground.

The subway is a whole world of its own. If you keep an eye or two open, you can see the wonderful diversity and eccentricity of the people encompassed within it. To sum up, this poster is awesome, insightful, humorous, artistic, colorful, and fun.