DIY Wine/Glass Bottle Art

DIY Wine/Glass Bottle Art



When I see a luxurious, antique-looking glass bottle, I often assume that it must cost a fortune. Truth is, one can take any plain glass bottle and turn it into an elaborate decoration. Unlike glass blowing, this craft can be done in the comfort of one’s home with no dangerous or complicated tools.

What you’ll need

  •  Empty glass bottles
  •  Hot tap water
  •  3 different colors of spray paint
  •  A shaped foam stamp
  •  Pieces of plastic or dry wood (to act as spout covers for the bottles)

 What to do  

1.     First collect old glass or wine bottles.

2.     Soak bottles in hot water and make sure any stickiness from past labels is removed.

3.     Once bottles are dry, spray the bottles with the first two colors of your choice.

A set pattern is not needed – spray until you are satisfied with the style!



4.     Leave bottles outdoors to air dry.

5.     Once dry, use the foam stamp and soak it with your last color of choice.

 6.     Gently press the colored foam stamp onto the glass, creating a creative shape or a pattern around the glass.

 7.     Leave to dry again and close the bottle with either the piece of plastic or dry wood.

There you have it! Place your new decoration on your dining room table as a centerpiece, in your bedroom for an extravagant look, or even in your bathroom to hold sweet smelling oils and spices. However you use it, its so much for so little cost.