DIY Pin Hole Art

DIY Pin Hole Art

Have an extra safety pin lying around at home? Well congratulations, you can be an artist! Pin hole art may not be as popular as other forms of art, but the designs, pictures, and textures that you can create with just a safety pin and poster paper are limitless. Here are some simple steps that will set you on your way to creating your own pin hole masterpiece to hang on the wall.


  • Any size poster paper or oak tag (or any other thick paper material that you want to use to display your design)
  • A design or picture that is already drawn or printed (if this is already stippled when drawn or printed, the process may be a little easier)
  • A safety pin (or multiple if you happen to dull the tip or lose the pin)
  • Tape


1.Gather your poster paper and the design/picture you’d like to create 

2013-10-29 17.26.552013-10-29 17.27.21

2. Tape the design to one side of the poster paper to prevent the design from moving around

3. Use a safety pin and start tracing the design by poking holes into the paper. This is, in essence, the same technique you use when stippling.

NOTE: In order to shade in darker areas of the picture, cluster the pin holes more closely together. Lighter areas would have less clustered holes/no pin holes at all. When poking the holes, make sure that the pin goes all the way through to make clear, defined pin holes on the poster paper.

2013-10-29 17.29.34

         4. Continue to do this until you’ve poked the whole design onto the poster paper

         5. After you’re done, remove the tape and the design/picture from the poster paper

Pin hole art2013-10-28 20.16.18And there you have it! You now have your own pin hole artwork to design your room with. You could choose to color these pieces, but, if you do so, make sure to color very lightly so you don’t obscure your pin holes. Have fun pin-holeing!