Infographics (or Information graphics) are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge. These graphics present complex information quickly and clearly. 1

For example:

Here are a few sites where you can create your own infographics (for free!) that you can easily embed into a post or share through social media (e.g., Facebook and Twitter):




  1. Doug Newsom and Jim Haynes (2004). Public Relations Writing: Form and Style. p.236.

QuickTime Screen Recordings

Screen recordings capture all the activity on your computer screen including any programs you are running (e.g., powerpoint, facetime, etc.), movies you are playing (e.g., a youtube video) and actions that you take (e.g., opening a program, typing, etc.).

It's easy to  create a screen recording using QuickTime.  To start, open QuickTime and then

(1) Click on "File" in the menu bar

(2) Click on "New Screen Recording"

(2) Click on the red "Record" button.

(3) Click on the "Stop" button to end recording.

Once you are done, you can easily edit your screen recording in iMovie.

Helpful Hints:

Your screen recording will automatically be saved in your "Movies" file. To change this location, click on the drop down menu in the recording dialogue box and click on "Choose" under "Save to" to pick a new location before recording.

Your screen recording will also record all audio including the sound of your typing and mouse clicks. If you don't want to record the sound, click on the drop down menu in the recording dialogue box and click on "None" under "Microphone" before recording.

Prezi: Images with Voice-Over

Adding images with voice-over in Prezi is a little tricky. Prezi suggests changing file formats to insert sound into your presentation (see here).

But here's one way that worked for me:

In GarageBand,

(1) Make a Podcast

(2) Share Podcast with iTunes (Share>Send Podcast to iTunes)

(*NOTE* You could also record voice-overs in iMovie, although you'll have less control over your recording than in GargaeBand.  In iMovie, simply click on microphone icon & record!)

In iMovie:

(3) New Project>Name & Choose Background>Create

(4) Drag & Drop image(s) from iPhoto  (from camera icon on right side of screen)

(5) Drag & Drop Podcast from iTunes into background (from music icon on right side of screen)

(6) Share iMove with media browser (Share>Media Browser)

In Prezi

(7) Insert "Image"

(8) Select your iMovie file (usually found under Media>Movies)


Additionally, screenshots made in Quicktime also work in Prezi.

To make a screenshot:

In Quicktime:

(1) File>New Screen Recording

(2) Hit Record button (it will record audio & computer screen)

(3) Hit Stop button to end recording

In Prezi:

(7) Insert "Image"

(8) Select your Quicktime screenshot file (usually found under Media>Movies)

Snapshot Day: October 11th 2011

Every year Macaulay Honors College students in Seminar 1: The Arts in New York City take photographs for a cross-campus exhibit.

Just follow these 3 easy steps:

  • TAKE several pictures on October 11th – anywhere and of anything in NYC! Your photo can be of any subject–anything that represents how you see in New York City on that day.
  • CHOOSE one of your photos.
  • UPLOAD your chosen photo to the online Gallery between October 12 and Oct. 25. Instructions for uploading your image to the online gallery can be found here:

The online gallery will be open for viewing, commenting and sharing, so tell your friends, family and classmates to have a look. (after October 11, of course, when your photos are there to be seen!)

A team of student curators, led by a curatorial associate, will mount all the photos in an exhibition at the Macaulay building, which you will come to see and experience on Sunday, December 4.

If you want to have a look at some of the photos from previous years, they are here

So, don't forget to shoot them on October 11--anytime in that 24-hour period!