2012 ePortfolio Expo – May 2nd

For those of you with your own websites on the ePortfolio system, you can enter your submission for the Second Annual Macaulay ePortfolio Expo by registering here.

If you don't have anything yet, but would like to enter, it's not too late!  You have until April 23rd.  Also, don't forget that your ITF is a great resource for help and you can always contact them to discuss and get feedback on your ideas or for technical support.

View the 2011 winning entries here.


Categorizing your Post

If you prefer a short video, check out this “how to”  on WordPress.tv: Adding Categories and Tags to your Post

Categorizing your posts will help other students and automated features or a website to easily recognize, differentiate and assign a high-level description to content that you share on the blog.

After you finish typing your post up, choose the appropriate “category” from the right side of the screen.  For example, after you type up your “introduction” blog, you should make sure to check off “introductions” otherwise the post will simply show up as “uncategorized.”