Oct 28 2009

The Luck of the Irish [Accent]

Published by Amrita Narine under Joseph O'Connor

Hearing Joesph O’Connor read his work was certainly a treat because when you hear the author read their work you can hear how they imagined it, how they pictured it in their head. As Joesph O’Connor began reading I was instantly lulled into a sense of security. His words carried a musical rhythm, creating a captivating, magical air. As he read the love letter, I was pulled in. Giving in to the eloquent words of the soldier, while wondering how anyone would be able to deny him.

The way Mr. O’Connor’s words flowed out seemed so full of longing and desire, giving them an authentic power. His accent certainly added immensely to his reading. As he talked about our college, calling it “BAH-ruch,” I could feel a sense of who he is. His accent made his speech much more interesting and intriguing. Every word that escaped his lips seemed so unique and different, mainly because his accent is so rich and yet, subtle.

As opposed to the boring, annoying reading I believed we were going to, I instead felt privileged to be allowed to hear such an intelligent man read his work, as well as works that he felt a connection with. It was a truly unique experience, that managed to hold my interest despite the fact that I was sitting on the floor in the back corner.

Joesph O’Connor

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  1.   Rhianna Mohamedon 01 Nov 2009 at 8:25 pm

    Amrita, we were both squashed in the same little corner in the back. I’m glad we could still “feel” it as much as those who were in the front did.

    It was truly a privilege to be there, however, I think the reading could’ve been more “lively”. Nonetheless, his figurative language and his relationship with his family was all noticeable that night; only the good could be said!