•    The Seoul of Korea in New York City   

    The Team

    Raymon Ang, Zolboo Bayarsaikhan, Tanvir Jahan, Andrew Salimian, & Susan Wu

    Welcome to Koreatown.

    Koreatown, also known as “K-town” by locals, is a relatively new neighborhood in Manhattan that has become a hot-spot for both Koreans and Americans alike. Nestled between New York’s finest tourist attractions such as the Empire State Building and Macy’s and the booming shopping district, Koreatown seems detached from the rest of the community, as if this ethnic enclave emerged without anyone’s notice. But to the flourishing Korean community in New York City, this is home. This is “Little Seoul.”

    From the bubbling warmth of the spas to the blasting pop music of the karaoke bars to the savory flavors of Korean BBQ, Koreatown is the “real deal.” It’s the perfect spot for social gatherings, big or small. It’s the perfect spot for late-night partying and drinking (not that we recommend it). It’s the perfect spot to experience the vivaciousness of Korean night-life!

    Come along as we stroll down 32nd street – the heart of Koreatown – and embrace the Korean culture and its influences. We’ll explore every corner of this neighborhood, starting at 31st street between 5th and 6th avenue and ending at the rather remote 36th street block. What will we find? Who will we meet? What will we learn?

    Well let’s find out.