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    Our tour of Koreatown!

    This is just a compilation of videos and pictures we took at Ktown, primarily of the businesses that have sprung in this district. The content was taken in a 2-day period in which we explored K-town during the day and night. This is what we discovered:

    1. Although there were Koreans strolling down Korea way, there were just as many Americans walking in this path as well.
    2. Korea Way (32nd street) is the heart of Koreatown. The other parts of K-town are more secluded and contain little to no Korean businesses. You will find one or two Korean restaurants toward the end of the neighborhood but that is pretty much it.
    3. There is less people at K-town during the day than it there is at night. When it’s daytime, the businesses, especially the restaurants, cater to mostly American customers. During lunch hours, people who work fairly close tend to eat at Koreatown because of the cultural flavors and the cheap prices. When it’s nighttime, Korea Way becomes a party haven. With its beaming colorful lights, this relatively quiet block becomes the center of Korean night life when night falls. It is at this time when Korea Way is the most populated. Koreans and Americans alike find their way into karaoke bars and restaurants and enjoy the blissful atmosphere.
    4. Korean restaurants, karaoke bars, and banks make up a bulk of the businesses in Koreatown.
    5. It is very difficult to get an interview from people who work in the neighborhood.

    A Picture Slideshow of Koreatown