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    The establishment of several banks and hotels are just two signs of a growing neighborhood and community. If Koreatown continues to follow its trend of opening more Korean businesses, its sure to extend beyond its current borders. K-Town was originally bordered by Fifth Avenue and Broadway, and ran solely along 32nd, which is named Korea Way. Now that virtually the entire block is filled with restaurants, karaoke bars, and other places of interest, stores are beginning to open along Fifth Avenue across the street from the main block. Several restaurants and other businesses can also be found on streets to the north of 32nd Street, as well as along Sixth Avenue. Currently, K-Town is said to be bordered by 31st and 36th Streets. Thus, it is evident that K-Town is branching out and taking over that area of Manhattan. Very soon, it will no longer be the tiny neighborhood it is currently recognized as.

    KyoChon Chicken

    KyoChon is one of the more recent Korean restaurants that opened up on Fifth Avenue, featuring chicken wings, and a rather futuristic, Toyko-style theme. The picture below shows KyoChon prior to its opening in Koreatown.

    KyoChon is currently in business. For a comprehensive description of the restaurant, along with a video of our experiences eating there, please visit the following page:


    Bon Chon Chicken

    Bon Chon Chicken, another chain of Korean restaurants, is currently constructing a new branch in Koreatown, located just a few stores down from KyoChon on Fifth Avenue. This is further evidence that K-Town will continue to grow and promote more and more tourism. Bon Chon Chicken in Koreatown is expected to open up in a few months.