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    Although Koreatown is mainly known for its restaurants, karaoke bars, and beauty salons, the AsianMart supermarket sits right in the middle of Korea Way. Also known as Han Ah Reum, This rather small but successful store contains tons of Korean food products that are tough to find in other parts of the city. This especially attracts Korean customers searching for their favorite snacks, yogurts, and drinks that have previously only been available to them in Korea.

    Walking into AsianMart is an experience like no other. You are surrounded by thousands of items with Korean lettering, many of which lack English translations. The supermarket contains a wide variety of products ranging from meats and fishes to kitchenware. People visit here to do their grocery shopping or to try out the many different types of Korean foods they’ve never seen before.

    Please check out the following video for a tour around the store (with traditional Korean music included)

    Cosmos Department Store

    Located between Broadway and 6th Avenue, the Cosmos Department Store sits right outside Korea Way. It is the main shopping center of Koreatown, and is part of a chain of stores. A rather new establishment, the Cosmos Department Store has two other locations: one in Korea Village in Queens, and another in Fort Lee, New Jersey. With its website under construction, not much is publicly known about, although it can be guessed that it’s a Korean-founded establishment.


    Koreatown houses a small number trading stores, offering such services as manufacturing, importing, exporting, and wholesale. Koamerican Trading Co., shown below, is one such store. By allowing for international trade, these trading outposts promote economic growth and help Korean businesses in American flourish.

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