•    Gahm Mi Oak   

    Entrance to Gahm Mi Oak

    If you’re looking for real, traditional Korean food, Gahm Mi Oak is the place to go.  They don’t have too many dishes on the menu and their food is pricier but their food is delicious and authentic (homemade Kimchi!).  The dark and private atmosphere in the restaurant is definitely different from the other restaurants in KoreaTown.

    Inside Gahm Mi Oak

    A must have at Gahm Mi Oak is the Sul Lung Tang. Sul Lung Tang is a Korean soup made from ox bones. The legs of the ox or sometimes even tail of the ox are boiled over a long period of time (several hours) and gradually a milky off-white cloudy mixture shows in the soup. Usually, Koreans have rice with this dish and the rice may be added into soup as well. One important thing you have to do when you have Sul Lung Tang is season it yourself to your liking. At first, the soup is bland, so be sure to thoroughly salt and pepper the soup and add green onions. A lot of people come here to have Sul Lung Tang to relieve hangovers or when you’re feeling sick.

    Sul Lung Tang

    Another thing I ordered was the Bin Dae Dduk, Korean mung bean pancakes. It has ground mung beans, carrot, onion, scallion, bean sprouts and ground pork. The Bin Dae Dduk was bland and I had to season with with a lot of salt to make it taste better. I’ve had better Bin Dae Dduk but it was all that terrible.

    Bin Dae Dduk

    On a lighter note, this is a great place to try authentic Korean food.