•    Shanghai Mong   

    Entrance to Shanghai Mong

    A lot of people mistaken Shanghai Mong to be a Chinese restaurant but its a Korean Chinese restaurant.  They sell Chinese food interpreted by Koreans.  In Korean, Shanghai Mong literally translates to Shanghai Dream.  This is definitely the place to go for really late night.  During the day and the evening, it’s not that full but at late night, it completely packed.  The interior of the restaurant also has a different feel as well, definitely different to any other Chinese restaurants I’ve been to before.  It’s more sophisticated, the lavish furnishings such as embroidered pillows give it a cozy feeling.  The red fabric lampshades give it a burgundy lighting.

    In Korean Chinese restaurants, there are 2 primary dishes that normally order, jajangmyeon and jjamppong.

    Jajangmyeon comes fmor a Chinese dish called Za Jiang Mian.  It derived from North China which found its way to Korea fairly recently, around the 19th century.  The 2 names sound very similar and literally translate to the same meaning.  One main difference is that the Chinese dish uses yellow soybean paste, broad bean paste and sweet bean paste and the Korean dish uses black bean paste.  But all it is, is noodles covered with a bean sauce on top.  I personally do not like Jajangmyeon.  But my friend who I came with (who likes Jajangmyeon) enjoyed Shanghai Mong’s Jajangmyeon.  But, you can only really enjoy this dish if you like its sweet, tarty taste.

    Jjamppong is a noodle soup that gets all its flavoring from onions, chilli, meat and seafood.  It’s also another Chinese derivation.  Incheon, South Korea is where the dish had come from, where many Chinese people live.  The dish was influenced by many Korean ingredients therefore, it is a more Korean dish than Chinese dish.  Its appearance is a red watery soup and the onions, chilli, meat and seafood mixed with it.  You can already tell that it’s really spicy by what it looks like.  It was delicious and having already ordered a lot of dishes, I still finished it.

    I also had the handmade broiled dumplings.  They were plump with pork and chives and the dumplings were considered an appetizer on the menu but I realized that there were so many it could have been enough for a meal.
    Broiled Dumplings

    Shanghai Mong is really great for late night and if you’re in the mood for Korean/Chinese food.