•    Sunset Park, Brooklyn   

    The dynamic team of Emma, Luke, Katie, and Zach have tackled the neighborhood of Sunset Park, Brooklyn for their web page project.

    We picked this neighborhood because we didn’t really know much about Brooklyn, and have spent very little time there overall. We have focused our project on the history and people of Sunset Park, which started out as a shipping port in the New York harbor.

    The original settlers to the Sunset Park region were Dutch, English, Irish, Polish, and Norwegian, but the current population is drastically different. Sunset Park is now the home of over 120,000 New Yorkers, almost two-thirds of which are Hispanic, Latino, and Asian.

    Sunset Park is also home to both a New York City Chinatown and “Little Latin America” as well as countless other attractions. The west bank of the neighborhood offers incredible views of the New York harbor, The Statue of Liberty, and the Manhattan Skyline.

    So grab your MetroCard and journey with us to Sunset Park!!


    1. The History
    2. The Latinos
    3. The Asians
    4. Places to Visit