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    Just as in any neighborhood, almost every type of business thrives within this little Chinatown. The types of businesses vary, but virtually any appliance or service can be found, frequently run by Chinese immigrants.

    All the supermarkets carry Chinese food products, not only made in China, but also with labels written entirely in Chinese, further expressing the cultural divide between the area and the rest of the neighborhood. The candies all have similar logos and colorful designs, making it almost impossible for a “foreigner” to discern one brand from another.

    While one can find typical American groceries like milk and juice, these markets also carry large quantities of exotic seafood, both fresh and dried. Without a translator, one can only guess at what an item is based on its shape and color.

    Almost every block has a bakery in which they sell baked goods, usually sweet desserts, and where they advertize the popular Asian beverage “bubble-tea”. Other businesses include restaurants, banks, laundry services, furniture stores, and technology repair and equipment shops.