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    Fifth Avenue of Sunset Park is home to numerous pharmacies, as seen in the map above.  However, in September 2009, the otherwise-ubiquitous drugstore chain Duane Reade opened its first location in the neighborhood.

    The store is causing some worry about how it will affect the pre-existing “local” stores.  Most residents seem to be accepting of the store, believing it to be a benefit over the Rite-Aids that were previously the only chain pharmacies available.  Others swear to continue frequenting smaller outlets, such as Ike’s Party Party, on 52nd, or Mini Max, on 48th.  It will be interesting to follow this trend, as bigger stores will be come increasingly prevalent in Sunset Park due to the city’s rezoning plans for the neighborhood (available here) that will open up 10 blocks along 5th Avenue to greater commercial development.