Hallett’s Point

When the wealthy exotic wood trading moguls lived in Hallett’s point, it was a place of mansions. Only a few of those grand houses remain in Hallett’s point. The scenic views have changed and the mansions are as elegant as the they once were. Nonetheless, Hallett’s Point is a diverse architectural mosaic, a few pieces of the mosaic include:


BILQUIS MANSION. This barely surviving 1852 creation of James L. Stratton house is made in the Doric and Corinthian styles. Having gone through a few owners, it has experienced some damage, but still holds residents between Astoria Park S. and E. 26th Ave.



GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH OF THE HOLY PROTECTION OF THE MOTHER OF GOD. This 1860’s church supports its two stories with corinthian columns and sits among a familiar crowd on the corner or 27th ave and 12th street.



GOOD CHURCH OF DELIVERANCE. A poorly maintained late Victorian 1889 church erected on 12th Street, beween Astoria Boulevaird and 27th Avenue, still displays its grandeur. With terra cotta, brick, and copper, the pentecostal church is boldly overshadows its neighbors.



ST.GEORGE’S CHURCH. This timber and stone church is believed to be an old english country church created around the year 1900.



ASTORIA PARK. A mesmerizing park extending from Shore Boulevard to Astoria Park South. With memorable views of the Robert F.Kennedy and Hell Gate Bridge the park is made in the Art Deco Style.


ASTORIA PLAY CENTER AND POOL. J.M. Hatton, in coalition with the NYC Parks and Recreation Department helped erect this landmark in 1936.


ROBERT F. KENNEDY BRIDGE. Engineer O.H. Ammann and architect Aymar Embury II teamed up to design the bridge and its highway system. It was completed in 1936.