A Snapshot of Area People

Brooklyn’s District 13 includes Gravesend, Homecrest, (which are both in more than one community district), Brighton Beach, Coney Island, Sea Gate, and West Brighton. Coney Island includes four area codes, but 11224 is the area immediately around the Park. It is impossible to live in this area without the park impacting daily life. Since the 1800s, when the seaside resort slowly became an amusement attraction, people in this area have had to deal with tourists and other thrill-seekers in their neighborhood.

As you can see, the 11224 area code is a smaller section within District 13, and will therefore give more accurate information concerning the people in the immediate vicinity of the Coney Island parks. The information given below is not only specific to the 11224 code, but it does give a good overall picture of the people that decide to live around Coney Island.

As of the 2010 census, 8,175,133 people live in New York City. 2,504,700 of them live in Brooklyn. Of these roughly 2.5 million people, about 100,000 are estimated to live in District 13, and about 51,000 live in the 11224 area code.

Over half of the people living in District 13 are white, with Blacks/African Americans as the second largest group, and Latinos/Hispanics as the third.

To contrast more recent data with that of the past, it is useful to choose a time before the establishment of the Coney Island Parks. This way, the development of this area alongside the evolution of the amusement parks can be seen more clearly.

In the 1800 census, 80 years before the establishment of a park culture, it was recorded that 2,021 free, white males, 1,908 free white females, 332 other free persons, and  1,479 slaves lived in King’s County. The people living there were either white, Native American, or black.

As it has throughout most of the country, the number of Hispanics in the Coney Island area has increased dramatically since the neighborhood’s early years. The area is now much more diverse than it was before the parks.

The pie chart to the right is based on the 2000 Census data because of a lack of complete 2010 data concerning the Coney Island area population, but it is clear that the area is demographically like many others in the city.

According to the 2000 data, 96.3% of the people in the 11224 zip code are just one race, which is only slightly below the national average. While over 50% of the population is White, nearly 30% is Black/African American. American Indians/Alaskan Natives, Asians, Native Hawaiians/Other Pacific Islanders,  people of mixed race and people of unlisted and therefore not specified races each made up less than 10% of the population.


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