The Boardwalk

Long shot of the Boardwalk.

“Barrels of Fun” is an annual event held by the Boardwalk Association. Local schools and families are invited to paint trashcans that will be placed on the Boardwalk. The event is an initiative for getting the neighborhood involved in the activities of the beach and an ongoing effort to keep the park clean.

An example of “Barrels of Fun” that echoes the popular sentiment “I love Coney Island”.

Street sign located on the Boardwalk. The Polar Bear Club is a group of men and women who swim in the Atlantic Ocean in the winter, to raise money for charity. Ruby Jacobs was the owner of Ruby’s Bar and Grill located a couple of feet from these signs.

Taken from the Coney Island Pier, those specs in the water are people canoeing.

Also taken from the Coney Island Pier, a shot of the beach, boardwalk and neighborhood.

Lola Staar’s Dreamland Roller Rink. The rink closed in 2010 when the owners decided to leave the building they occupied vacant.

The Coney Island (actually named Riegelmann Boardwalk) ends shortly after West 22nd street. West 22nd street is where we started our self-guided tour of the Coney Island neighborhood.


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