by Thalia Bloom, Shi Giang Ng Tong, Himanshu Pandey, Choong Ye, Jason Zheng

If you have a lot of spare time, and you like the subways, you might have wandered on to the 7 train, winner of the “Best Train of the Year” award.  And if you’re there long enough, you’ll make it to the very last stop: Main St, which takes you right to the heart of Flushing, Queens.

As soon as you step out of the station, you’ll be surrounded by visual chaos—signs in multiple languages, vast crowds of people, distracting and alluring food, and of course the Flushing Library—a pivotal community spot. Flushing is famous for its diverse immigrant populations, and remains an attractive neighborhood where New York immigrants can thrive and flourish. Join us as we break down this complex neighborhood (figuratively, of course!)

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