Arts in New York City: Baruch College, Fall 2008, Professor Roslyn Bernstein
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Sam Freedman: An Objective Look at a Mother’s life

Samuel Freedman, the author of Who She Was, was kind enough to grace my class with his presence and his wisdom. I was very excited o meet him because I was anxious to supply a face to the name that I knew very well. His book regarding his mother’s life was very powerful and contained many deep feelings within its pages. It was compiled with a good deal of comprehensive research an analysis of the era in which his mother lived. This thorough analysis gives anyone who reads the book a very clear idea of who Mr. Freedman’s mother was and the factors that made her this way.

            One thing that struck me during Sam Freedman’s conversation with the class was the purpose behind his writing of this book. It seems as though he did not truly appreciate his mother when she was alive and now he is writing this book as a way of honoring her memory and repenting for his actions. The wasy in which he went about composing it was also very intriguing. I liked the fact that he said he had an almost fanatical attention to detail. This fact was something that I feel gave the work more validity and truth behind it. I appreciate that he gave the true details even when it may have been difficult. He expressed to us that in order to compile a good story about someone’s ife it needs to be done objectively. This can be tricky especially when it comes to family. He understood this but he also understood that accurate reporting means that there can be no bias in the work, lest it be flawed.

            I found Sam Freedman to be a very entertaining person to listen to. His ideas and thoughts upon compiling a good record of someone’s life are valuable tools that can be used in many facets of writing. I got the sense thathe really enjoyed undertaking this task. He also gave off a feeling of accomplishment. He seemed to be very content with the amount of time he put into this, and rightly so. This work is an excellent example of a comprehensive analysis of someone’s life. It covers the gamut of information and does so in an accurate and objective way. Sam Freedman’s advice is golden for any aspiring writer.