Arts in New York City: Baruch College, Fall 2008, Professor Roslyn Bernstein
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The Cage



I titled my collage “The Cage” because I feel that there are two different parts to me. This duality is demonstrated by my mixed use of media and dimensions. I choose first off to put a set of red lips the same proportions as mine. I feel that they are literally the feature that stands out the most in mean and I betray most of my emotions by twisting and scrunching them up by turns. I choose a woodcarving I made to symbolize my ability to create something beautiful out of a simple block of wood using my hands and a chisel. It serves as a pedestal of sorts for my lips as my creativity holds up my sensitivity. 

I choose to include a packet of “sazon goya”, chamomile tea and a basil leaf as a tribute to my Hispanic heritage and personality, both spicy and calm. I have a blue triangle on the bottom to represent the stability that I hope to attain. I have a band of iron to symbolize my strength and my straight back. This hold up the “Calm” Tea in a paradox of sorts. The virgin Mary is included because I am in the process of trying to connect and relate to religion. A print of a set of eyes from Sweeney Todd is right above my lips because so much emotion can be revealed from the eyes. They are the portal to the soul. I included a plastic surgical glove to thrust its fingers out from the cage bars symbolizing my desire to attain some measure of freedom. The bars aren’t very strong in fact they are made of a very luxurious chenille and lace. They hold back but hold everything together. 

Finally the background is a combination of only three colors, platho blue, alazarin crimson and goldenrod acrylic paint. It is my reference to my most recent, and I believe final, artistic love, painting. By mixing these three closely primary colors and components so many permutations of color and shape were made. This is my maturity and my mutability.

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1 emilymusgrove { 12.27.08 at 6:41 pm }

I like how you used the woodcarving as a pedestal for your lips, because in your words, “my creativity holds up my sensitivity.” That interpretation of your art that is very well thought out. You obviously put a lot of thought into your art and it contributes to your greatness now and in the future as an artist.