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Prose writes prose

Francine Prose

Francine Prose

When a writer like Francine Prose comes along, you might just ask yourself, “What the heck did I learn in school?” In her recently released title, “Reading Like A Writer”, Prose probes the mind to re-teach the art of writing and reading – Prose and prose go quite well together.

“The only thing I can do is write; I have no other skills” – Francine Prose in a nutshell. At a young age, the would-be writer was fascinated with reading and with words in general. Not a single book at her local library was forgiven. She confessed during a recitation that she was never successful with any job, albeit those concerned with the processing of words. Prose worked for many magazine companies growing up, all the while punching out award recipient titles. Prose writes many children’s books as well as many literary articles.

Words to her are like paints to Da Vinci, really. Many of her titles feature stories painted with words. She detests a lack of detail and eloquence in writing, making a point of it in “Reading Like A Writer” even. As such, it is very possible to place one of her books in a VHS player, just like the cassette, to watch a visual presentation.

Francine Prose currently lives in New York City, and resides as the president of PEN American Center. She occasionally takes trips out into her country house. Despite having two children, Prose continues to write magnificent titles. She writes whenever, wherever, however.