Arts in New York City: Baruch College, Fall 2008, Professor Roslyn Bernstein
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Dr. Atomic

My mixed emotions about Dr. Atomic, an opera composed by John Adams, are quite alike those of Robert J. Oppenheimer when he was creating the atomic bomb. The process of watching the opera in its beauty was alluring, but the end product was puzzling. My expectations for an intriguing opera ended with disappointment. [Read more →]

November 23, 2008   1 Comment

Waltz With Bashir

Weird Dream

Weird Dream


With a title like “Waltz With Bashir,” one may expect a dance documentary or a movie about ballroom dancers, but that was not the case at Ziegfeld Theatre for the New York Film Festival this year. Instead, I was blown away by an animated feature about the 1982 war in Lebanon. It is the personal story of its director, Ari Folman. [Read more →]

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Conflicting Viewpoints

           The American flag wasn’t the only thing with flying colors at the Barrow Street Theatre this September 25th. Each actor performing in “In Conflict” successfully fulfilled the roles of various soldiers being interviewed after returning home from the war. Most of the actors even had to play several different roles of soldiers with completely opposite experiences.

[

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And Now Introducing Mrs. Prose

Combine charisma, wisdom, and wit, and what do you get? Author Francine Prose. Her name certainly suits her profession and her personality shows how well she can live up to the surname of Prose. At a recent by her at Baruch College, she surprised the audience by sharing one of her earlier short stories instead an excerpt from her newest novel. Through it, she describes her writing process and in it, she reveals her skillful use language. [Read more →]

October 29, 2008   4 Comments

South Pacific Review

Even though it is an older musical, South Pacific has themes in it that still affected the hearts of its modern audience on Thursday, August 21st at the Lincoln Center Theater. Taking place on the Pacific islands during World War Two, the stage was set aglow with palm trees and a vibrant backdrop of the beach. The lights created a pristine setting. The acting, however, wasn’t quite as glittering. [Read more →]

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Irena’s Vow

After reading the play and preparing myself to see Irena’s Vow at Baruch’s Performing Arts Center, I was utterly surprised to see the way it was produced. I mostly anticipated a one-woman show, but all of the unexpected actors played their parts admirably. [Read more →]

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Me, On Being Single.

“What is the difference between solitude and loneliness?” I asked my friend Hayley, catching her off guard. “Umm, you choose solitude?” She answered in the form of a question. It was spring and the two forms of singularity had been on my mind since my four-hour bus ride from New York City back home to DC. To me, loneliness implied pain, and solitude; peace. I wasn’t sure of a concrete conclusion yet, however, and I wanted another’s input. Her answer threw me for a loop, as I’m sure my question had done to her. [Read more →]

October 8, 2008   3 Comments