Arts in New York City: Baruch College, Fall 2008, Professor Roslyn Bernstein
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An Extraordinary Photographer: Mermelstein

Street photography is something that has always fascinated me. I really enjoy looking at books and albums of photographs. Last week Jeff Mermelstein, a street photographer, came to our class to speak about photography and show us some of his pictures. Some people go out to photograph a specific theme or idea, while Mermelstein prefers to shoot everything he finds interesting and then choose a theme later. [Read more →]

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Dr. Atomic

Opera is one of the oldest and most respected forms of entertainment. However, I have never seen an opera show before attending the Metropolitan Opera with my class a few weeks ago. Prior to this year, the thought of going to see an opera has never crossed my mind. I do not think my parents have been to opera performances, so I did not really know much about them. All I had heard about operas was the typical stereotype of the fat woman who cracks a glass with her shrill voice. Even though I was never that interested in opera, I was kind of curious to see what it is really like.

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Waltz with Bashir

Cannes 2008 – Jour Deux

Most people go to movies to get away from reality for a few hours, and to immerse themselves in a world of pretense. Waltz with Bashir is a movie made in Israel, and it was included in the Lincoln Center film festival. Film festivals show movies that are different from the average Hollywood film. The idea is that people can see movies that are from various cultures or genres. Waltz with Bashir is an animated documentary.

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In Conflict archives/RTGAM/ima

I went to see the show, In Conflict, in Greenwich Village. I was looking forward to seeing this play, especially because I was never in the area before. I expected the play to be a little bit depressing but to mostly portray the war in Iraq as necessary and its veterans as heroes. However, this is not at all what I actually watched, it was something of a completely different nature.
The play is based on the book that a journalist wrote about the stories of Iraqi war veterans. She interviewed about 12 people and asked them about their experiences in the war and their life when they came back home to the United States. Most of the people she interviewed, tell her all of the negative experiences they have had in the war. Some suffered from horrible injuries, while others spoke about the loss of a relative or friend. Students from Temple University acted out the veterans in the book. [Read more →]

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Irena’s Vow Review

As I descended to the BPAC theatre I was anticipating a great show. I loved the script of Irena’s Vow and I was anxious to see how the actors would bring it to life. The audience of the play was mostly students of Baruch College, and elderly people. I am wondering if this is because the middle aged generation are not interested in the Holocaust, or they just do not have time to attend performances like the elderly people do.
It is interesting how Irena goes from playing an old woman in her 70’s to playing a young woman around 20. She does this by first having her hair up in a bun, and then letting it loose. I might have thought that the director would want to have two different actors play her. However, Tova Feldshuh, who plays Irena, makes both parts seem plausible. [Read more →]

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south pacific

There was much excitement about the reappearance of the classic musical, “South Pacific”. One may wonder why a show from so long ago would be popular in this day and age. Young and old flocked to Lincoln Center to watch this show. More than just the catchy tunes must be attracting viewers to the show sixty years later.
The scenery designed for the musical displayed skillful craftsmanship. This skill was portrayed in the scene with the captivating blue waves with islands in the distance, which created a realistic impression. The props and costumes could have used a little more oomph. The way the actors coordinate the changing of the scenes without the aid of a curtain is unique.
The musical depicts natives who have been living on islands in the South Pacific with no intruders for hundreds of years. Suddenly they find white naval officers, seabies, marines, and nurses living among them. The military men are restless because the fighting has not yet begun. [Read more →]

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Blow Up


  “What happened to you? Were you in a fight? Why are your cheeks all blown up?” These were some of the questions asked by the teachers who saw the aftermath of my oral surgery to remove my wisdom teeth, when I was back at my desk Monday morning. I suffered with intense pain on both sides of my gums for months, and decided to have all four of my wisdom teeth removed on a Friday afternoon.
Instead of pushing the surgery off until the summer, or a later date, I decided to have it done during the school year. I could not deal with the pain anymore, and felt that if I would delay the procedure, it would only worsen. I went into Dr. Jacobson’s office on a spring day, after I came home from school. He gave me shot after shot in the four corners of my mouth. The injections made my stomach feel as though I was on the steep drop of a rollercoaster. My mother is afraid of anesthesia, so I was given nitrous oxide instead. At first I was on a high, but after a while the effect wore off. The doctor did not realize it, and sang a silly song to the assistant saying, “Oh, Rachel has no idea what’s going on…” [Read more →]

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