Arts in New York City: Baruch College, Fall 2008, Professor Roslyn Bernstein
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An Opera of a Different (And Drearier) Color

November 17, 2008   Comments Off on An Opera of a Different (And Drearier) Color

The Good, the Bad, the Anticlimactic


Metropolitan Opera

Metropolitan Opera

               It was the perfect story for an opera. The drama and tension that is crucial to the success of the performance was inherent in the subject. Furthermore, one of the greatest composers of our time produced the music that tells the tale of J. Robert Oppenheimer. Yet somewhere along the road from conception to performance, the opera Doctor Atomic fell apart. The final product was a discordant ensemble of operatic brilliance and stale segments. [Read more →]

November 13, 2008   1 Comment

Dr. Atomic Lacks a BANG!

The explosion of an atomic bomb or any bomb for that matter should have opened with a resounding “BAM”! Or at least a “BANG” some form of explosion because no adjective would rightly do it justice. Regrettably, this was most not the case at John Adam’s and Peter Sellers new contemporary opera “Dr. Atomic”.
The beauty of Met opera house overshadowed the poker stiff soldiers and officials at either wings of the stage and officials that compromised the introduction of the opera. Straight spined, they were as appealing to the viewer as ordinary school choir and just as simple. An atomic bomb releases a massive amount of energy but it was not the case with the singers and this led to their less than convincing performances. The singers were stationary and according to one viewer the beginning could simply be categorized as “flat”. [Read more →]

November 13, 2008   1 Comment

Dr. Atomic

San Francisco Opera)

The most highly anticipated performance of the opera season, “Dr. Atomic”, can only be described as a flop. There has never been an opera with a topic such as this. It was unheard of until this point to have an opera based on a historical topic of this nature and for a libretto to be created for an opera instead of vice versa. [Read more →]

November 13, 2008   Comments Off on Dr. Atomic

Doctor Atomic: A complete bomb, literally

            The Metropolitan Opera House was quite a scene on the evening of October 30th, as anxious spectators swarmed the entrance to the showing of Doctor Atomic.
            Walking into the majestic opera house is an experience within itself. As we were ushered to our seats, the opera house’s monumentality was overwhelming. Professor Bernstein accompanied us as we glided down the aisle overlooking the orchestra. Suspended above us were the iconic Swarovski crystal chandeliers that decorated the ceiling like constellations in the abyss of the night sky. With the lights dimming, our eyes were fixated on the image of the periodic table of elements encompassing the grandiose stage. A wise opening choice as we learn the story of the development of the first atomic bomb, the Manhattan Project. [Read more →]

November 12, 2008   1 Comment

Dr. Atomic

Opera is one of the oldest and most respected forms of entertainment. However, I have never seen an opera show before attending the Metropolitan Opera with my class a few weeks ago. Prior to this year, the thought of going to see an opera has never crossed my mind. I do not think my parents have been to opera performances, so I did not really know much about them. All I had heard about operas was the typical stereotype of the fat woman who cracks a glass with her shrill voice. Even though I was never that interested in opera, I was kind of curious to see what it is really like.

[

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