Arts in New York City: Baruch College, Fall 2008, Professor Roslyn Bernstein
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Susan Meiselas at the ICP

The International Center of Photography (ICP) is a world-renowned museum for professional photographers from all over the world. For years it has displayed some of the most creative documentary as well as artistic images taken by experienced photographers. This year, from September 19th until January 4th, 2009, Susan Meiselas is showcasing her work at the ICP. Her work in Nicaragua during the Sandinista Revolution, documentary of the people of Kurdistan, and her somewhat interesting take on “Carnival Strippers”, really show Meiselas’s talent and passion for the art of photography, as well as a longing to reveal the truths of our world. [Read more →]

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Worldwide Exposure

International Center of Photography

International Center of Photography

His photographs spanned a continent, yet his message was heard worldwide. Inspired by the work of his brother Robert Capa, a prominent photojournalist, Cornell Capa set out on a journey at the young age of 18 to become a “concerned photographer.” Brian Wallis, the curator of the current exhibit of Capa’s work at the International Center of Photography, described a “concerned photographer” as a photographer who “demonstrated in their work a humanitarian impulse to use pictures to educate and change the world, not just to record it.” This exhibit entitled “Cornell Capa: Concerned Photographer” is a presentation of Capa journey to reveal the conditions of the human spirit around the world. [Read more →]

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ICP: Susan Meiselas

The International Center of Photography’s recent exhibit on Susan Meiselas was both riveting and inspirational. The haunting photos were visually engaging but disturbing at the same time. As a viewer, the gruesome, raw, grittiness of her images really evoked the horrors that she was trying to portray. The series set in Nicaragua was especially striking. [Read more →]

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International Center of Photography: Susan Meiselas

On that cold, rainy morning I arrived well before anyone else at the ICP.  This gave me an opportunity to walk around the facility a little by myself before the rest of the class arrived.  The numerous photographs on the first floor were produced by Cornell Capa.  As I walked around to get a feel for the artwork, I took a peek down the long staircase.  The exhibit downstairs consisted of Susan Meiselas’ works.  I knew from the praise given by Professor Roslyn Bernstein, Susan Meiselas was the artist I wished to research and examine.

When the rest of the class and Professor Bernstein arrived, we were advised to choose either Cornell Capa or Susan Meiselas and focus on his or her work.  I already had my answer before Professor Bernstein finished giving us instructions.  As I walked down the steps leading to Meiselas’ exhibit, I noticed the unique way the pictures were displayed.  Some were hung normally on a wall as if in a home or studio, while others were hanging from string in the center of the room.  I thought this was an interesting way to display these works of art.  I also wondered if Meiselas had any input on how the pictures were set up.  Meiselas was best known for her coverage of political conflicts in Central America during the 1970s and 80s.  Because of this short biography on the wall, I was expecting to see many pictures of America during these times.  I was shocked to see that many of her most interesting pictures were of war in Nicaragua.  Some of them were so graphic I was forced to look away.  Meiselas truly knows how to shock her audience. [Read more →]

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ICP: Susan Meiselas

The Susan Meiselas exhibit at the International Center for Photography is eye opening. Not only is Meiselas a master of visual composition, but she also uses her photographs to document the strife all around the world, in Nicaragua, in Kurdistan, and even in America. In all three of her sets she examines the notion of nationalism under oppressive regimes, while also looking closer at the individual’s identity. [Read more →]

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ICP-Susan Meiselas

Only a few hours after spending the evening with my classmates at “Clay”, we met again in the morning at ICP, the International Center of Photography. This is a museum where famous photographers display pictures they took all over the world. Photographs that depict a culture that I do not know much about fascinate me. I find that it is much easier to understand and visualize another country’s political turmoil and struggles through images rather than by just reading about them in a newspaper. [Read more →]

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Captivating Capa

Even though his photography is black and white instead of color, Cornell Capa’s photography caught my eye at the ICP exhibit.  The contrast between light and dark in his photographs brings out different textures and adds movement in his art.  His photographs are not as much art however, as they are an act of humanitarianism.  Capa captured images in a journalistic approach.  He intended to educate the world with his photos.  His subjects often included people in countries with political turmoil, mostly in Central America. [Read more →]

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