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Big Apple Bigotry

Hello! Welcome to our site, we are students from Macaulay Honors College. Our goal for this website is to bring awareness of different discriminations our society is facing, specifically in a unique and diverse place like New York City. Especially in this current time, it is important to learn about different groups of people and the challenges that they have each faced. By learning more, we can connect our own personal experiences, realize each other's similarities and differences, and figure out ways to combat discrimination. Go ahead and click the "Who Are You" button!


    "80% of the stops made were Blacks and Latinos."

  • Anti-Semitism

    "Anti-semitism is up 94% in 2017."

  • LGBT Discrimination

    "62% of LGBT individuals have encountered Anti-LGBT jokes and slurs in their workplace."

  • Gender wage Gap

    "For every $1.00 a man makes, a woman makes 0.76ยข."