Update: These data are now current as of November 2017.

We are still waiting for lab identification of a number of arthropod species. Microbial diversity analysis information can be found here: http://arem.cuny.edu/sites/projects/. These files will be updated as those data come in. Links below will take you to another page where you can download the file by clicking on the link in that new page. As community IDs from iNaturalist come in, this file will be updated.

2016 BBP BioBlitz Data November2017 – This file has the 2016 BioBlitz observations divided by taxon team (individual worksheets). The first sheet is a summary of team totals, the second is the species list that just has unique species (not number of times observed or location), and the third is a compiled list of ALL observations. The areas we used in the park are shown on this map – 

Download (PDF, 6.05MB)

BBP_iNaturalist_observations_Jan2017 – This file has all exported data from the BioBlitz observations that were logged on the iNaturalist database. These will change as the community agrees on species identifications. There is also a help file (inaturalist-observation-file-help-2016) that describes the columns in this spreadsheet. If you would like to visit the project as it exists on iNaturalist, go here: http://www.inaturalist.org/projects/2016-macaulay-honors-college-brooklyn-bridge-park-bioblitz

The link here (http://www.inaturalist.org/observations/project/2016-macaulay-honors-college-brooklyn-bridge-park-bioblitz.kml) will download a kml file featuring all of the iNaturalist observations so you can map the observations.

Here are some previously collected data sets from the park (birds, fish, and bees): 2015-bbp-blitzes-all-data-from-park

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