The Remote BioBlitz iNaturalist project gathers observations from wherever you are currently, and since most of our students are in NYC, that means your observations will be from Lenapehoking, the ancestral, unceded lands of the Lenape people. Lenapehoking includes parts of what are now known as New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. We want to acknowledge and pay respect to Lenape elders, past and present. This land has great significance to the Lenape people who were forced to leave it by European colonists, and we must recognize this fact as we explore the nature of what is now called New York City. The Lenape were the original stewards of this land and its many different habitats. There are only a few spaces left that resemble what this area was like before colonization and we ask you to be respectful in these spaces and all places in the city. We encourage you to investigate the areas where you are making BioBlitz observations to learn about the original inhabitants. Find out whose land you are on.