When Pino Pozzuoli immigrated to the United States from Naples, people knew that the realm of pizza in New York was about to change for the better.  Pino, who decided to go by Joe when he came to America (apparently Pino is a form of the name Joseph in Italy), began by working in different pizza places across America and trained his future apprentices.


In 1975, Joe opened his own pizza store on the corner of Carmine and Bleecker, and immediately started cranking out the best slices this side of the Atlantic.  He wanted to open it in Greenwich Village because he liked the idea of a diverse community where customers came from all different walks of life.  After years of growth, Joe’s became a staple of Greenwich Village and was named “New York’s Best Pizza” by New York Magazine.  After Joe’s had gotten this recognition, the store began to be frequented by celebrities, such as Conan O’Brien, Leonardo Decaprio, Jessica Alba, and hundreds more.

leo-joes    joes-alba

Joe has always prided himself on choosing the best ingredients and has been known to say that he makes every pie as if he would eat it himself.  The world of pizza, as well as everyone in the city, owes a great deal of gratitude towards Joe and the people behind Joe’s Pizza.

Conan @ Joe’s (Video)

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