How to Post on this Site


  • Add Yourself and See Yourself on this Site

The “Join this Site” button is on the top of the page, just click the three lines in the upper right hand corner to expand. After you’ve added yourself, visit the “We Are…” page to find your name and avatar (listed by first name A-Z). Please change those monster avatars to your likeness!

  • Find Every Post You’ve Ever Published for this Site

Click on your name under the “We Are…” page.

  • Upload a Post

In order to write a post, drag the pointer over “+ New” on the gray menu bar at the top of your browser window when at the class site. Select “Post” from the menu that drops down.

(Another option: Select “Dashboard” from the menu that drops down under the name of the site on the top menu bar. This will take you to the “back end” or control panel of the site, the Dashboard. From there, you can post or edit or do a number of other things.)

On the “Add New Post” screen you may then write your post following these steps:

1. Give your post a headline. A HEADLINE, something that grabs the attention and captures the spirit of what you’ve written, not something like “Assignment #1.”

2. Write your post in the big box below the smaller title box.

3.  Insert the READ MORE tag 2-3 lines into your post with a link for the audience to continue reading. Just place your cursor in the part of the text where you want “Continue Reading” to show up, in the Visual Editor click “Insert” on the toolbar and select “Insert Read More Tag”.

4. CATEGORIZE your post. This is very, very important. If you do not properly categorize your post, your professor will not be able to find it and you will not get credit for doing it. It is possible the post won’t even appear on the site at all. You can find the “Categories” box to the right of the post box. Click on all the categories that apply (in this case your name and “Student Comments”

5. TAG your post. Use key words to identify specific and cross-cutting themes.

6. Publish your post. You will see a box with the heading “Publish” somewhere above the categories box. Click the “Publish” button inside. If you do so accidentally you can always go back and edit the post.

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