Posting Your Documentary

For video we will use vimeo. You need to make a free vimeo account if you dont already have one. It’s very straightforward at Once you have an account, go to “upload” (and try to avoid all the annoying ways they will get you to try and upgrade to a pro account). Upload your video, and then while its loading you can enter in a title and other info. You’ll see there are a few options “basic” “privacy” “add to” etc…

Click on privacy, and then select “only people with a password can view this” – it will then ask you for a password and you will enter


this is important – we all need to use the same password if we want to be able to see each others work – so please do this!! Here is the annoying part – you now have to wait an hour for your video to be live. Just be patient and plan accordingly. Eventually it will load and then you can view the movie. In the upper right hand corner of the video is a “share” button. Click on that and then choose the embed code, copy it, and paste it into your post.

If your video is very short vimeo might not like it. In that case, you have a backup option. Go to the “add media” button in wordpress (when you are making your post) and upload your short video to the media library. Then choose your video and insert into post. This should post as a video!

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