The Voices of Clinton Hill

Below are some notable quotes from members of the Clinton Hill community:

Pratt Institute Students

“Now there is like Chipotle and stuff…they used to be like small businesses.”

“This area has definitely gentrified a lot…we’ve only been here for two years but it’s changed a lot in two years”

“I think, by the time we graduate, this place will be unrecognizable.”


Dog Walker

“It’s gotten a lot more white since I’ve been here.”

“It’s definitely getting gentrified a lot and it has been…”


“My answer to that would be that things really haven’t changed. Because I feel that a neighborhood should uplift everybody so if there was real change it would be something that was profoundly affecting people’s lives for the better. There are some good things but I think it has gotten more expensive than people can afford. Different things happen when different people that have money move into a neighborhood. “

“I don’t know if I would say [it is] positive or negative. What’s helpful about moving people out of the neighborhood? It’s helpful if they can stay in the neighborhood and everybody can live together. Or if, the things that they need, you provide them with that and you can share and have friendships and be a community together. But you’re just moving in people slowly one wave after the next. But then where are the other people going? So I don’t see any growth…any real meaningful type of growth. Gentrification is one thing and uplifting is something else. When you uplift a neighborhood, it’s inclusive and you want people to stay in the neighborhood. You recognize the importance of having people from every economic strata and how important it is for them to live together.”

“People who have money can definitely help. It’s a tool.”

“It’s hard for them to survive [family businesses] because the rents are so high.”

“We could do a lot more for each other.”

“You can’t really tell where it separates [Clinton Hill and Fort Greene].”

“That’s interesting concept though. How were our borders and communities actually divided? Because I think they were divided probably less territorially than other ways…And that’s important because the boundaries are the barriers that we put up…”

Finally, check out this interview with a longtime resident of the neighborhood by the venerable Brooklyn Based!

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