Making It in New York City A Macaulay @ Hunter "Peopling of New York" Seminar Project: Spring 2013

Making It in New York City
A.M. New York
Every morning, commuters walk past coffee shops, financial buildings, and other New York staples as they trudge their way to their desired locations. However, with the hustle and bustle of the city, commuters often forget about those who do the small things that help create the New York City feel. One such group would be the A.M. New York. They are usually working outside subway stations, handing out newspapers to commuters of all types. They are integral parts to New York City, but they are often forgotten. Who are they? Do they enjoy their jobs? What are their stories? These are the questions that our group wanted to highlight. We interviewed four A.M. New Yorkers and found out the truth behind their professions. The following Prezi showcases our research. We found out that these men do have lives away from their jobs and that they do, in fact, enjoy their jobs. Additionally, we were lucky enough to interview two college students in Jon and David as well as two middle aged men in Kevin and Ronald. Essentially, we discovered that generalizations made from the surface of people are often shallow and incorrect. We must delve deeper to find the real stories; we must look at the the person as a whole.


Jon at 23rd Street

 Photo taken by Josh Salazar

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