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New York, the home of 3 million foreign-born populations, is the city of pull for economic and social opportunities. New York City is one of the most diversified cities of the United States; 37 percent of the population it holds are individuals that are born outside of the country. Immigrants all over the world are drawn to New York City as it provides great dimensions of opportunities for anyone whose willing to contribute. These immigrants include international students, temporary workers, refugees, asylum-seekers, permanent residents, naturalized American citizens, and undocumented immigrants. Because of such an immense number of immigrants, which grows annually, New York City’s everyday life, economy, and cultural standards are greatly affected by the immigrants living in it.

Here you’ll find some of the real life experiences of immigrants living in New York City. Along with unique individual immigrant stories, there are analyses of the various immigrant groups throughout New York City, from the Chinese to the Haitians and many many more. These analyses provide a look into how immigrant groups have integrated or not integrated into American and New York society. We hope all of the information provided can help the public better understand what it means to be an immigrant and how far people will go for a better life for themselves and their children.

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