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On The Specificities of John

On Specificities of John View more presentations from Jon Rossi. * The entire purpose of my final project seems to be to serve as a farcical reminder that the end of the world is always simultaneously imminent and incredibly far … Continue reading

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Revelation in Rising

I’ve always felt a certain feeling of inappropriateness when discussing the events of September 11, 2001 and their aftermath.  The events seemed too new, too real: how could I be learning about something that I’d lived through?  Who were the … Continue reading

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I Suppose I Ought To Call It Symbolism

It is not for a lack of academic integrity that my comments will not be quite so thorough on the writings by Professor Quinby.  I can assure the reader that it is, indeed, the opposite (in a way) – I … Continue reading

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Redemption For Some, A Savior To The Others

After reading my entry from last week (technically as I’m posting this, it was this week), readers will be glad to know that I have few complaints, if any, about the last half of the book.  If anything, I was … Continue reading

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Final Paper & Creative Project (Adjusted) Statement

As I near the close of my senior year, it’s becoming increasingly necessary for me to focus on my Honors Thesis.  By now I’ve known what I would write about for a year or so – Bruce Springsteen, but to … Continue reading

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