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Carrying the Fire

The posts this week were truly exceptional and I want to thank each of you for contributing such thoughtful and well-written pieces.  It made me identify a bit with the father in novel.  There came a point in their journey … Continue reading

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Borrowed Time, Borrowed World, and Borrowed Eyes with which to Sorrow it

Following up on our discussion last week regarding the role of God In “The Road”, I’d like to point out several passages from the latter half of the novel which help clarify our discussion. Sam had mentioned that the father … Continue reading

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In the Dark, With the Light

“When he woke in the dark and the cold of the night he’d reach out and touch the child sleeping behind him.”  The hypnotic rhythm of The Road begins from its very first line – a line that I didn’t … Continue reading

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The End is only the Beginning

Finishing this book was nearly impossible. As I reached the end, the thought of the book ending was a relief and terribly frightening. The end could only be two different outcomes, they would finally reach safety, or they would die. … Continue reading

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Spiralling Towards Darkness, and then, Light

The first time I finished The Road, I was on an airplane.  The juxtaposition of my own surroundings and the solemn oppressiveness that McCarthy so eloquently presents in his novel were, at the time, quite disorienting.  Mostly, the novel’s conclusion … Continue reading

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